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Motion Graphics Project:
Trade Show Video


This video was designed to be played in the background at trade shows. The client asked for something flashy enough to grab the eye of the consumer passing by, who may see all or only part of the video.


Trade shows are also very noisy, so the video is designed to be played with  the sound turned on or off.


I created the original motion graphics in the first 30 seconds in Adobe After Effects.
I made the 3-D Product Globe from  my product photos. For the spinning Earth,
I "wrapped" a NASA photo around a 3D sphere. The remainder of the video makes use of customized stock footage. (Stock photography and footage are an economical option for my clients when they do not need original art.) I hired a well-known voiceover artist and recorded the V.O. here at "Studio Gunn."


I added the voiceover, music, and put it all together in Adobe Premier Pro.